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Anti-Pol believes in the constitution of the United States of America and our right to modify it at any time to correct errors, omissions, oversights, or to simply bring it up to date. Our politicians disrespect and ignore us simply because they can. To make them respect us we need exercise that right and give ourselves the right to fire them once a year. We need your help to get that right.

Anti-Pol – Website Case Study


Anti-Pol Inc.


Website and Logo

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Project Objectives

Anti-pol required a complete company branding including creation of the company logo and website. The digital brand identity for Anti-Pol reflects their business objectives and the cause they are promoting.

The Vision

The approach to the Anti-Pol brand and website is to reflect their goals to provide their users with valuable information for taking a stand against our politicians and to get the reform we deserve as American voters. Anti-Pol believes that the focus of our politicians should be on America and Americans first and this is reflected in the overall design and color scheme used through the company branding and website.

The goal was to ensure the digital brand has a strong, positive meaning for the users and represents Anti-Pol’s belief in the constitution of the United States and our right to modify it at any time to correct errors, omissions, oversights, or to simply bring it up to date for the modern times.

My Role

I worked directly with the client to gather information, brainstorm ideas and understand the overall Anti-Pol objectives and business needs. I applied this information to the design of the Anti-Pol brand which is carried throughout the company logo and website. As the Information Architect and Creative Designer I created the navigational flow of the information and overall organization of the functional structure. I ensured the brand and design of the website reflects the feel of their cause to enact five amendments to the constitution to get the rights we deserve. The overall design is about communicating and providing a compelling user experience, not just making the website look good. My attention to detail helped to ensure the best quality work on all areas of the project and allowed me to create high quality work products and deliverables which resulted in the successful design and application of the Anti-Pol brand. My understanding of the client requirements and ability to apply them to the company branding and manage creative solutions resulted in a satisfied client.

Responsibility Overview

Creation of Company Branding, Logo and website.

Creation of all graphics for the website including the following:

  • Overall website information flow & structure
  • Design the creative vision into graphical screen designs and all graphical interface elements
  • Develop the page layouts and design with HTML – CSS and WordPress Shortcodes

Manage the design and development of all graphics for the website and branding solutions to ensure consistency throughout.

Ensure budgets, deadlines, etc. are complete, accurate and follow the project plan and objectives.

Facilitate creative reviews for client approval.

Demonstrate proven success with integrating the company brand and website.