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General Guidelines

Photo Prints Pricing


All prints are either Gloss or Matte Finish

  • Gloss finish gives an image richer, more saturated colors
  • Matte finish tends to reduce glare and look more “artsy.”

All photos can be printed in Full Color, Black & White (B&W) or Duotone.

Sizes listed are in inches and refer to paper size, not image size. Paper sizes and image sizes are usually different and may not match the same aspect ratio. For example, some images are panoramic, so they will not fill the height of the paper. If this is the case, the image you choose will be enlarged as necessary so that the long dimension fits the page.

Prints do not have copyright mark on them.

You can purchase a print of a photo without purchasing a license.

Not all images are available for license.

Some photos may not be available in the larger sizes.

Printed photos or images are provided in digital format (JPG format) only after payment.

Pricing is not final or established until you receive a confirmation via email or phone.

Once prints or images have been delivered, there are no refunds.

If an image is damaged, it will be replaced if damaged materials are returned.

No refunds.

Placing Orders & Pricing Chart

Please note the name of the photo and the size you would like to purchase. Decide if you would like a gloss or matte finish, full color, B&W or duotone and how many copies of the photo you would like.

Send all this information to the following email address and you will receive a confirmation email for your order.

Photo Size Photo Price
8 x 10 $80 USD
10 x 15 $100 USD
16 x 20 $150 USD
20 x 30 $200 USD
24 x 36 $250 USD

Turnaround Time

It takes approximately 2-3 days to print an image, and 3-5 days to ship it. This assumes I’m in town to do the printing. If I’m away from the office, waiting times may vary.


What the term “Royalty-Free” mean?

Royalty-free pricing simply means that the price of the photo is based on its artistic and technical qualities, not the specific use. Buyer does not have to pay any additional fees on any subsequent usage of the photo and can use the photo for any projects. By selling a royalty-free photo, a photographer permits a buyer unlimited use of the photo, including any photo alterations such as, but not limited to cropping, color alterations, etc. Photographer always remains a copyright owner of the photo and can sell the same photo countless number of times to new publishers.

License Type

There are two types of licenses photo buyers can get when buying photos, which depend on whether a photo will be used commercially or in the editorial context. Both types are royalty-free, which means that a price is paid for a photo, not the number of times it can be used.

Commercial Use License
Editorial License