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Stock Photo Rates


Charts are guidelines only; pricing is not established until email confirmation.

Discounts available for multiple images.

Prices are in US Dollars.

Not all images on scotthillDesign are available for license.

Some images on scotthillDesign are not available in all sizes listed.

Placing Orders

Following the instructions below to place and order by email.

1. Please select the appropriate license at the bottom right of the page to download. Detailed information about each License can be found on the “Use Licenses” page.

2. Review chart to the right for size and pricing options.

3. Choose image size and image resolution you will need.

4. Send all this information to the email address below and you will receive an email confirmation based on the the image size in the chart.

Available Sizes

Image Size Resolution In Inches In Pixles Price in $USD
XS 72 dpi 5.5×3.7 inches 400×267 pxls $30
S 72 dpi 11×7.4 inches 800×533 pxls $40
M 300 dpi 5.3×3.5 inches 1600×1067 pxls $50
L 300 dpi 11.5×7.7 inches 3504×2336 pxls $80
XL 300 dpi 15×10 inches 4500×3000 pxls $100
XXL 300 dpi 20×13 inches 6000×4000 pxls $150

Final Step

After you receive a confirmation email for the price of your image(s), please send your signed license agreement and payment for your image(s) to scotthillDesign. Mailing information will be provided with the confirmation email.


What the term “Royalty-Free” mean?

Royalty-free pricing simply means that the price of the photo is based on its artistic and technical qualities, not the specific use. Buyer does not have to pay any additional fees on any subsequent usage of the photo and can use the photo for any projects. By selling a royalty-free photo, a photographer permits a buyer unlimited use of the photo, including any photo alterations such as, but not limited to cropping, color alterations, etc. Photographer always remains a copyright owner of the photo and can sell the same photo countless number of times to new publishers.


If you would like to purchase a commercial use license or editorial use license please download the appropriate PDF file below, print and sign the agreement and send with your payment to scotthillDesign. Mailing information will be provided with the confirmation email on pricing of your stock photo.

Thank You for your business.

Commercial Use.pdf

Editorial Use.pdf