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The CRM Roadshow was used to introduce the new Customer Relationship Management process. CRM is a way to improve customer satisfaction and increase business. Customers need products and services at low cost which help their business grow. Making business easy, efficient, responsive and a quality service will increase your overall customer relationships and will provide more repeat business. The continuous effort to earn loyalty will help maintain your customer focus and will grow these relations‚Ķ That’s CRM.

CRM – Roadshow




Interactive Demo



CRM – Roadshow Overview

CRM models e-business, leveraging knowledge to deliver customer success by transforming information into knowledge and delivering it to all customers. CRM is a highly responsive, intensely customer-focused, incredibly knowledgeable e-business powerhouse with the resources of the entire world and the personality of a small town. CRM is a team player who understands my business and shows me how to take it into the future with dynamic thinking and leading-edge technology. CRM shows me how to exploit my potential to gain business advantage and ensures that everyone I talk to has the information they need to respond to me quickly and accurately. CRM will help you to succeed in the e-business marketplace.

CRM Improvements

  • Transforms the way we do business
  • More than Siebel and more than technology
  • End-to-End Solutions
  • Models e-business
  • Supports coverage model, customer collaboration, SSL and SSM.

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