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scotthillDesign Specialties: Graphic Design, Web Design, Print Design, Design strategy, branding and identity, UI design, interaction design, human-centered design, interactive application design, typography, information architecture, usability.

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DC Comics is an affiliate of Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. The DC Comics WebComics Project is to build an Online Comics site. I was involved in the design study phase and created the overall design style used for the website.

DC Comics Online WebComics


DC Comics


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DC Comics Online WebComics Features

Today’s comic book reader understands the visual language and potential of the medium far more than any other generation DC Comics has ever engaged. They want to take part in the myth-making and form their own kind of heroes and villains which refract a vision of today’s world through their own lens.

For DC Comics to continue carrying on this legacy of premier purveyor of American archetypes (as well as open new territory for myth-making) you must successfully embrace and nurture today’s web-savvy individuals as enthusiastic creators.

Everyone that comes to the Online Comics site will fit into one of two general categories. They will either be a Registered User or an Unregistered User. While an Unregistered User will be able to read and ultimately purchase comics, they will not have the ability to engage in the wealth of community options available to a Registered User.

Unregistered Users:

  • Read Comics
  • Buy Comics

Registered Users get additional access:

  • Create Profile
  • Submit Comics for Review
  • Vote and Tag Existing Comics
  • Discuss on Message Boards
  • Access Resources Section

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