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At Source Health Center Dr. Michael McCall strives to understand all aspects of a patients condition in order to expedite the healing process, and to maintain optimum health for a lifetime. These unique principles allow him to work with his patients in uncovering what their body needs in order to heal.

Dr Michael McCall – Source Health Center – Case Study


Dr Michael McCall –
Source Health Center


Re-Branding and Website




Project Objectives

Dr. Michael McCall required a rebranding and design of his website and digital brand. This was accomplished with the creation of a new modern website with a thoughtful design and user experience. The website required updated content that’s easy to explore and to better explain all the services offered by Dr. McCall and Source Health Center.

The Vision

The approach to the Source Health Center new website is to provide new patients easy access to Dr McCalls’s experience and knowledge with Chiropractic and Nutritional Therapy. To help you understand his different methods and approach to providing the best healing process, and to how maintain optimum health for a lifetime. Also to help his patients understand what to expect when visiting Source Health Center from the checkin, consolation, examination and how he will provide the best possible results.

My Role

I worked with the client to gather information, brainstorm ideas and understand the overall objectives and business needs for his website. I created a solution with the design and development of effective navigation, information and graphics through sound design principles, strategic planning and execution of the business requirements and objectives.

Responsibility Overview

Re-Branding of the Website and Digital Brand.

Creation of all graphics for the website including the following:

  • Overall web site information flow & structure
  • Design the creative vision into graphical screen designs and all graphical interface elements
  • Develop the page layouts and design with HTML – CSS and WordPress Shortcodes

Ensure budgets, deadlines, etc. are complete, accurate and follow the project plan and objectives.

Successfully integrated the digital brand for the Source Health Center website.

Facilitate review of WordPress admin functionality.

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