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Neale Lundgren Ph.D. is a musician, songwriter, poet, novelist, therapist, and ex-Benedictine monk. He is an expert with both words in poetry or notes in music and helps us all explore the joys of sound. He started out as a rock musician, but left that world to enter the monastery where he fell in love with mystical poetry. In addition to a vibrant career as a psychotherapist and novelist, Neale writes music to bring mystical poetry to life.

Neale Lundgren Ph.D. – Website Case Study


Neale Lundgren Ph.D.






Project Objectives

Neale Lundgren required a complete identity and branding redesign including creation of his personal and professional logo and website. The digital brand identity for Neale reflects his accomplishments and thoughts on life through his writings, music and teachings where we experience the lessons that ultimately lead us to higher realms of love and awareness. Neale is an artist with great wisdom from a spiritual and mystical view on life and the lessons we can learn from our experiences.

The Vision

The approach to Neale’s brand and website is to reflect his spiritual and mystical views of the world and seeing the divine in all things. The overall design and color scheme used throughout the branding and website reflects Neale’s knowledge and understanding of the world with the use of consistent color, style, and visual assets.

A successful design is about communicating and providing a user-centric and thoughtful user experience, not just providing an aesthetically attractive site. A compelling and innovative design for the website navigation, information flow and content layout must meet the user’s expectations while fulfilling the personal and business objectives. For a winning website design the information must be easily accessible, easy to use, have well organized content, and have a visual impact, capable of attracting visitors and keeping users interested in the content, while wanting to experience more of the website. The users’ experience is the focus because a well designed and organized website solves its users’ problems and answers its users’ questions.

My Role

I worked directly with the Neale,to gather information, brainstorm ideas and understand the overall objectives and business needs for his website. I applied this information to the design of the brand which is carried throughout the logo and website. As the Information Architect, Creative Designer and Developer I created the navigational flow of the information and overall organization of the functional structure. I also lead photo shoots with the client to capture all the creative assets used throughout the website design, including taking photos of Neale for use in the design and layout of the website content. The final solution depends upon the design and development of effective navigation, information and graphics through sound design principles, strategic planning and execution of the business requirements and objectives. My understanding of the client’s requirements and ability to apply them to the website branding and manage creative solutions resulted in a satisfied client.

Responsibility Overview

Creation of Company Branding, Logo and Website.

Creation of all graphics for the website including the following:

  • Photo shoots of graphic assets and photos of the client
  • Overall web site information flow & structure
  • Design the creative vision into graphical screen designs and all graphical interface elements
  • Develop the page layouts and design with HTML – CSS and WordPress Shortcodes

Manage the design and development of all graphics for the website and branding solutions to ensure consistency throughout.

Ensure budgets, deadlines, etc. are complete, accurate and follow the project plan and objectives.

Facilitate creative reviews for client approval.

Successfully integrated the digital brand for Neale’s website and identity.