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Focused on creative problem solving to produce user-centered and thoughtful experiences

I am Scott Hill,
Graphic Designer, Artist and

Where It All Began

In college I studied graphic arts in order to expand on my creative knowledge. I graduated with a B.F.A. in Graphic Design and Visual Communications and entered the field with my primary training in print.


I began my work in the mid 90’s and was involved in the early stages of the internet explosion. I have seen many changes in technology and the internet over the years and understand how to create successful websites while focusing on the brand and thoughtful user experiences.

The IBM Days

While at IBM I focused on interactive design and branding and also have experience with print design in both digital and press formats. I have designed for many platforms of online and interactive applications and have achieved successful projects through creative design and problem solving. I utilize all of the latest interactive technologies to connect the customer with the brand including mobile, social networking and digital signage, in addition to websites, online media, interactive demos, print and digital marketing campaigns.


Auburn University

B.F.A. in Graphic Design & Visual Communications


O’Reilly School Of Technology

Client-Side Web Programming Training


Faulkner State Community College

Associates of Science Degree
concentration in:
Fine Arts & Graphic Design

Skills / Knowledge
Experience with Adobe CC Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and more.


Proficient in Microsoft Office.


Proficient in WordPress (Customization, Website Development, Shortcodes, PHP modification)


HTML & CSS Skills


Knowledge of D/HTML, XML.


Basic JavaScript Skills
Some of My Work

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Our Process

scotthillDesign can help you and your company to achieve the best results using the following steps:

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I have spent 25 + years in the design industry focused on interactive design and branding. I have experience in graphic design, web design, WordPress Design & Customization, HTML / CSS, UI/UX design, information architecture, usability, print and press work.

As Art Director/Lead Designer for IBM interactive I led teams, was active in gathering requirements, understanding business & brand objectives, creating estimates, management of resources and presenting creative and branding solutions to current and prospective clients.

I am a creative professional who provides website design and development, graphic design services and photography. I provide a unique combination of communication, creative strategy, and technical skills helping clients to achieve their business objectives. I thrive for better results for our customers, and love to push boundaries of design and create custom solutions.

Photography has become a passion of mine and I have had a lot of exposure to photography and it’s multiple uses in design. I use some of my photos in designs and also take product photos, food photos, architecture and other types of stock images for use in many different design mediums. I express my creative vision to create an alternate view of the scene using light and the subject to tell it’s story.

For more information on my photography please visit scotthilldesign-photography.com.

The design process is a combination of thought, inspiration and skill and must be a unified process in which the “head, heart and hand play a simultaneous role.” Our design process can take your product or brand beyond the norm and compel its value and identification with an effective message and thoughtful user experience.

scotthillDesign – Creative Design and Marketing Agency

Some fun facts about scotthillDesign you may want to know.

Creative Artist

I have always been creative. I grew up drawing, paiting and creating!

Wiener Dog

I grew up with a wiener dog and cannot live without one.

Left Handed

I think this confirms I'm Creative and Right Brain. Or does it?

Photo Enthusiast

I love to travel and take a million photos. My wife does not love it!

Outdoor Enthusiast

Keep close to Nature’s heart and wash your spirit clean. ~ John Muir


Java as in coffee not Java code. Must have coffee to start the day!

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Meeting exciting people, starting new projects and concepts is what makes us excited. So go ahead and get in touch and let's create something cool!