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Dynamic Investments

About This Project

Dynamic Investments is a private equity firm which specializes in new ventures and start-up companies in a variety of industries, including construction, hospitality, wholesale, retail, recycling, manufacturing and financial services.


Project Objectives

Dynamic Investments required a company rebranding including creation of a new company logo, business cards, and website to reflect their business objectives and goals. The digital brand identity for the Dynamic Investments will reflect their strengths in all areas of financial and business management, with a broad expertise in venture capital, investment banking and private equity transactions. The Dynamic Investments brand will be carried through the website and all identity materials with the use of design principles and methodologies to convey a positive meaning for the users while creating an effective message and meaningful connections.


The Vision

The vision for the Dynamic Investments rebranding and website was to create a new modern website that provides the key services offered and demonstrates their extensive experience working with new ventures and start-up companies in a variety of industries. To accomplish this Dynamic Investments needed a dynamic website with a visual design that influences the way the brand message is translated into a successful user experience. By creating an impactful use of the brand and logo and focusing on their key services, while still providing innovative ideas and solutions to help businesses with their short and long term business goals. To ensure the successful translation of the Dynamic Investments brand we focused on a user centered design approach combined with our methodology to communicate their unique services in a variety of industries including construction, hospitality, wholesale, retail, recycling, manufacturing and financial services.


My Role

To understand the Dynamic Investments business objectives I worked with the client to brainstorm ideas and help document the best possible solutions for the rebranding and website. I was the Creative Lead and Information Architect during the lifespan of the project and was responsible for designing and implementing the user interface and functional design for the website. I also designed all printed collateral and ensured the company brand was applied in a consistent manner throughout all related designs. I utilized the latest interactive technologies including Flash, HTML5, CSS3 and WordPress Shortcodes which resulted in the successful design and application of the Dynamic Investments brand.


Responsibility Overview

Creation of Digital Brand, Logo and Website.


Creation of all graphics for the website including the following:

  • Overall web site information flow & structure
  • Design the creative vision into graphical screen designs and all graphical interface elements
  • Created customs graphics for use throughout the website design
  • Develop the page layouts and design with HTML5 – CSS3 and WordPress Shortcodes
  • Designed and developed a dynamic header using Flash


– Manage the design and development of all graphics for the website and branding solutions to ensure consistency.

– Maintained administrative tasks to ensure the budget, deadlines and project plan was followed accordingly.

– Facilitate creative reviews for client approval.

– Successfully create and design the Dynamic Investments digital brand and online presence.


Branding, Identity, Logo, Web

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