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e Powers

About This Project

I worked on the epowers website during the design study phase as a freelance web designer with Sellier Design Inc. Below are 3 design samples of the homepage. You can visit Sellier Design at www.sellierdesign.com, now www.id8agency.com.



E. Powers & Associates Overview

Esther S. Powers is President and CEO of E. Powers & Associates, an executive coaching and business consulting firm in Atlanta, Georgia. The firm helps leaders focus and align their individual, team and organizational goals, and make the changes necessary to obtain both short- and long-term results. The E. Powers & Associates’ coaching methodology rests on a foundation of more than 20 years business management and management consulting experience. As a result, Esther and her colleagues bring a depth and breadth of vision to coaching assignments that even the most expert coaches are often without.


  • Quickly separate symptoms from root causes
  • Point the way toward state-of-the-art solutions to operational problems and opportunities
  • Help you develop measurable outcomes with clear connections to organizational goals and strategies
  • Help you and your peers build high-performance leadership teams that meet or exceed the expectations of your internal and external customers
  • Accurately assess organizational and cultural barriers to change and help develop successful strategies for dealing with them
  • Help you realign teams to focus their resources on critical goals and outcomes.



My Role

While working at Sellier Design I was responsible for visual interface designs and implementing client web sites. I worked directly with each client to understand their business needs/marketing goals and applied these to the creative objectives to create successful web sites. I designed and created all screen designs, related graphics, color palettes and navigation items to ensure consistency throughout each project. I worked with the development team to ensure all designs and guidelines were followed resulting in successful projects and satisfied clients.





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