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Time Freedom Trading – Case Study

Time Freedom Trading

Project Objectives

Time Freedom Trading (TFT) needed a new modern website design to promote their investment trading system and online course. The goal of the course is to make you financially savvy and independent with the proper mindset, process, and skills to earn time freedom on your own. The website required detailed overview of the TFT investment opportunities, what to expect from the course and access to enroll in the course straight from the website. The course signup page contains sensitive information related to the TFT system and required a password protected feature to access the complete course overview and curriculum.

  Website Design – Graphic Design – Development Solutions 

Time Freedom Trading’s system empowers main street with wall street knowledge and tools to compound wealth and earn time freedom through proven trading and investing strategies.


The Vision

The vision for the Time Freedom Trading website was to create a clean design focused on the investment and learning opportunities offered with their custom investment trading system and online course. The site needed to clearly communicate their mission to empower people on main street to build a solid financial house and earn financial freedom through trading and investing with Time Freedom Trading. We needed to ensure the user experience includes an easy to navigate design using relevant design elements, imagery and icons with clear interactions throughout the entire website. The overall website experience needed to ensure the content was organized in a manner so the users could easily find the information related to investing, and the advantages to enrolling in the Time Freedom Trading courses.

We utilized the existing brand and identity guidelines to create a consistent design throughout the website and ensure it represents Time Freedom Trading’s extensive knowledge, experience and understanding of the stock market, investing and trading strategies. We also incorporated the TFT website mascot, Gordon the Gecko throughout all pages of the website to bring a little fun and whimsy to the text heavy page designs.



My Role

As the Creative Lead, Designer and Information Architect I worked with the client to gather requirements and understand the overall vision, objectives and business goals for the Time Freedom Trading online experience. I applied the TFT branding guidelines, created the overall website structure, content flow, page layouts and design by utilizing the latest interactive technologies including HTML5, CSS3 and WordPress Shortcodes to create a user-centered design focused on the key points offered by the Time Freedom Trading System. I ensured the online experience and course related materials have a cohesive and consistent look and feel to represent the Time Freedom Trading brand.

The TFT website required a lot of text information relevant to their course, investment opportunities and empowering yourself with a complete system to compound wealth for life. I ensured there is a balance in design elements including photos, graphics, branding elements and white space so all the designs and information is clear and easy for users to understand the purpose of the TFT course and the benefits from enrolling.

The TFT Course

The TFT Master Class is an eight-week course focusing on the fundamental elements of the U.S. stock market to give you a solid understanding of the market indexes, sectors and industries, as wells criteria for building yearly trading and investing portfolios suitable for trading and investing in long term holding. The course gives you the opportunity to learn through practice and paper trading in every class.

The TFT course covers 20+ years of intellectual property covering investing and trading experience. So it required private access to the detailed course overview and full course curriculum. We accomplished this by creating a secure password protected login to enter the overview and course details. This is only accessible after enrolling and completing the registration process.


FAQ + Legal

The TFT seminar series is a “live” four session webinar where you learn a complete trading and investing system that can deliver consistent and profitable results. Investing involves risk which may include the loss of principal. So Time Freedom Trading needed a variety of Legal disclaimers to ensure they are not held liable for financial loss and future results of your investments.

There are always questions when investing your own money. We included a FAQ section to help with those questions related to the TFT Trading System, costs and what you will learn.



TFT Shop

The TFT seminar and courses are not a publicly advertised classes. So how does the public find out about the TFT Trading System? Maybe someone you know took the courses and thought it was worth while and recommended it to you. TFT was looking for other options on how to help promote the TFT System and courses without investing in a lot of marketing and advertising. They decided to create a shop to promote the TFT Trading System with a variety of merchandise displaying the TFT logo, brand and also options with the mascot, Gordon The Gecko. This will help spread the word about Time Freedom Trading from those who have taken the course and know how it works.

The TFT Shop has merchandise for everyone in your family. From Mens and Women’s gear, to baby’s, boy and girls. In addition they have a variety of other items sporting the TFT Brand and mascot including hats, hoodies, holiday and household items.




Time Freedom Trading uses a variety of items in their course and curriculum materials. They wanted a bold and eye-catching graphic for use in their “With Time Freedom” (WTF) Report that covers the current state of the market and investing opportunities. The vision was to create a 3D graphic similar to news media outlets opening graphics. TFT plans to animate the graphics as an intro and background for the WTF Report in class sessions.


We successfully designed the new online experience for Time Freedom Trading utilizing the TFT Brand guidelines, design elements and page layouts to clearly demonstrate the purpose and possible results from taking the Time Freedom Trading Courses. The overall experience of the website symbolizes Time Freedom Trading’s approach to trading and investing in the stock market. We implemented clear interactions with clean design elements, bold graphics and custom photography, which aligns with the quality of courses provided by Time Freedom Trading. The end result is a unified brand experience and web presence that is smart, approachable, and attractive to TFT potential students.



Project Overview

Creation of an all new modern Website for Time Freedom Trading, including creation of all graphics and designs for the website.

Creative Strategy & Creative Consulting

  • Understand your vision and requirements
  • Create outline and workflow
  • Brainstorm ideas and solutions
  • Content review and updates

Info Architecture UI/UX Graphic & Web Design

  • Overall web site information flow & structure
  • Create sketches & wireframes
  • Utilize the branding guidelines, color palette, type treatments
  • Design the creative vision into graphical screen designs and all graphical interface elements

Front-End Development & WordPress Solutions

  • Develop the page layouts and design with HTML – CSS and WordPress Shortcodes
  • Test on browsers and devices
  • Client review, revisions, updates
  • Launch website

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