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Vital Sacrifice – Book Cover Design

The Vital Sacrifice by M.L. Childs

Project Objectives

Writer and author M.L. Childs needed a professional book cover design for her new paranormal romance novel The Vital Sacrifice. The design needed to capture the feeling of mystery and intrigue portrayed in the novel by a secret fraternal order of genies. They traded in their humdrum past lives to join the Order of Legions of Solomon’s Temple. With such a lavish life guaranteed by membership to this secret society, why would one of its top members risk his power and prestige all because of his obsession with the famous singer, Teresa McMillan?

Graphic Design – Image Editing – Photo Retouching  

A fraternal order, hundreds of years in the making, is in jeopardy of crumbling at the foundation because of one member’s failure to maintain protocol in order to protect the egocentric desires of the entire brotherhood. Can the power of love conquer all…even the undead? Find out in… “The Vital Sacrifice”.


The Vision

The vision for the book cover design was to create an image that represents the overall feel and mood of the novel. The story is shrouded in darkness and mystery as it reveals a world of semi-immortals that walk among us. The main character Ali, is not supposed to love. The nature of his being makes it nearly impossible. The cult of semi-immortals to which he belongs forbids it and plot to get rid of his love interest to keep their secret existence intact. The author wanted to cover design to portray the main character as half man and half something else, through a cloud of smoke surrounded in darkness and mystery. The use of genie lamp with blue smoke represents their powers of pure thought allowing them great magical abilities in our reality.


Ancient texts state that they are composed of “Smokeless Flame” or “Scorching Fire”. However this might be ancient mans way of describing that they are made of light and energy fused together with the fundamental forces of the Universe.

M. L. Childs is the author of The Vital Sacrifice and she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in history from Spelman College. She was inspired to write The Vital Sacrifice after countless hours of listening to history lectures that were devoid of drama. The Vital Sacrifice fuses fiction, history, fantasy and drama together to create a paranormal tale that re-introduces the Western world to the Eastern concept of the genie.


M. L. Childs resides in Metro Atlanta, where she is developing her skills as a screenwriter. She also does freelance writing for a variety of magazines and blogs.




My Role

I worked with the client to understand the overall objectives and business needs for the design of her new paranormal romance novel cover. Miss Childs had a rough idea on what she wanted. We worked together to refine her concept into a design that would portray the story in a way that would attract consumers with intrigue and mystery. I organized the related elements needed to create the visual design and through the use of sound design principles and strategic planning I executed the design concept into a reality. I ensured the cover design properly represented the Paranormal romance by including elements beyond the range of scientific explanation, and blending together themes from the speculative fiction genres of fantasy, science fiction, and horror.

As the Creative Lead and Designer I developed the color palette, type treatments and applied photo editing and manipulation to create the final cover design.


Marketing Collateral

Miss Childs needed marketing designs for social media accounts and other online uses to help promote her new paranormal romance novel The Vital Sacrifice. I created a variety of designs in various sizes to help promote the new novel. I ensured all marketing materials have a cohesive and consistent look and voice to represent and help promote THE VITAL SACRIFICE.


I successfully designed and created the new book cover and marketing collateral for The Vital Sacrifice. I ensured a cohesive look and consistent graphic style was implemented across all designs.

Project Overview

Creation of Paranormal Romance Novel Book Cover and Online Marketing Collateral.

Creative Strategy & Creative Consulting

  • Understand your vision and requirements
  • Brainstorm ideas and solutions
  • Design review and updates

Graphic Design &
Print Design

  • Create multiple design options for review
  • Developed the color palette, type treatments
  • Photo editing and Manipulation
  • Designed the creative vision into the Final Cover Design and Marketing Solutions

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