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Eyewitness Animations – Case Study

Eyewitness Animations

Project Objectives

Eyewitness Animations is dedicated to bringing “State of the Art” Graphic and Animation technology to the legal and engineering communities. Their primary service has been the reconstruction of crime scenes and accidents through the use of computer generated 3D graphics and animation. They specialize in reconstruction of aviation, railroad, maritime, and vehicular accidents. In addition to Industrial / Architectural Reconstructions. They required a professionally designed Sales Deck that was simple, bold and engaging to clearly define their unique services.

  Professional Design Services 

The Nation’s Leading Provider of High Quality Forensic Animation, Imaging and Courtroom Graphics Since 1989.


The Vision

Eyewitness Animations are experts in aviation investigation, aviation law and have over 20 years experience in crime scene reconstruction. Their animations are key pieces of evidence that presents a comprehensive picture of the scene and activity occurring for all types of trail cases. The vision for the new Sales Deck design was to create scalable and consistent visuals, clearly define and execute communications on who they are, their experience and their extensive knowledge designing and creating State of the Art Graphics and Animation. We also needed to provide samples of their custom animation model that is a highly successful demonstrative tool that helps to enable a favorable settlement in a trail case.

Eyewitness Animations mission is to provide the highest quality Forensic Animations so more cases will be won and elicit far better settlement offers. Forensic Animation has the unique ability to bring a clarity to, and an understanding of an event unlike any other medium with the possible exception of an actual eyewitness video. It can vicariously take a jury to the scene of the event as it unfolds, effectively making them the eyewitnesses.



My Role

I worked with an Eyewitness Animations consultant during an in-depth strategy process meeting to analyze and understand the dynamics of the company and the services we needed to document and design for the Sales Deck project. We needed to clearly display who they are, their mission, extensive experience and proven success with Graphic and Animation technology. Eyewitness Animations was one of the original founders of this branch of forensic sciences and is responsible for the development of many of the techniques and processes used today in courts around the world. I incorporated the Eyewitness Animations brand to the design of the document and ensured the design felt relatable and inclusive, and to embrace boldness through design elements that tell the story of their technological advancement, thought leadership, and a passion for the producing forensic graphics and animations. I provide examples of the demonstrative exhibits created which covers the various services provided by Eyewitness Animations. In addition to providing client testimonials and case awards from their 24 year history.

We successfully designed the new Executive Sales Deck for Eyewitness Animations through strategic planning and execution of the business requirements and objectives. I ensured a cohesive design and consistent graphic style was implemented to represent and demonstrate the capabilities and quality of work the company provides with their unique Graphic and Animation services.

Project Overview

Design Eyewitness Animations Professional Executive Sales Deck.

Creative Strategy & Creative Consulting

  • Understand your vision and requirements
  • Create outline and workflow
  • Brainstorm ideas and solutions
  • Content review and updates

Graphic Design

  • Create sketches and rough designs
  • Design the creative vision into Sales Deck
  • Design review and updates
  • Deliver Final Design Document

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