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Sauce Stix – Case Study

Sauce Stix

Project Objectives

Sauce Stix are a variety of pre-made sauces conveniently frozen and packaged ready for use to help create tasty meals, while incorporating different flavors from around the world. Sauced Stix required the creation of its brand image with the design of its logo, color palette and product packaging design for its variety of different Sauce Stix flavors.

  Branding – Logo – Packaging 

Jump start your food with saucestix, pre-made frozen sauce ready to add to any dish you make. It comes in six different flavors made with 12 all natural ingredients, no artificial color or preservatives.


The Vision

The vision for Sauce Stix was to ensure the design of the new brand and packaging has a clear meaning that represents the companies knowledge and understanding with food, flavor combinations and creation of their unique sauces with taste from around the world. The success of the brand design depends upon a thoughtful and innovative use of colors, photos and clear verbiage while fulfilling the companies business objectives.

Through our initial requirements gathering session with the client we brainstormed ideas and ensured we were clear on the direction for the new Sauce Stix brand and packaging design. To create a strong brand through packaging design and branding it requires more than a good eye. The information, layout and product design must have clarity and simplicity, honesty, authenticity, shelf impact, extensibility and practicality. An overall good design is about communicating and providing a compelling consumer product, not just making things look attractive.



Originality, character and memorability are at the heart of great brands and of course, great packaging designs. At the heart of the Sauce Stix Brand is the Sauce Stix logo which represents the organic feel and nature of the natural ingredients used to create the different sauces offered by Sauce Stix. The final result was a brand identity that can be applied across their multiple products to strengthen the product recognition and appeal with it’s consumers.





My Role

I worked directly with the client to understand their business, marketing goals and creative vision and applied this to the design of the Sauce Stix packaging. We applied the Sauce Stix brand to the design of 6 different packages for the different sauces offered by Sauce Stix, include southwestern, tuscan, pacific rim, caribbean, mid west and southern. We tied the brand across all designs using a consistent style and application of the logo, photo placement, titles and related text information and graphics. We used custom photography from scotthillDesign on all of the Sauce Stix box designs. The photos used in the designs tie into the product title and region each Sauce Stix gets their inspiration from for the flavor and seasonings used in it’s ingredients. We also used different color palettes for each design to help enhance the package design, product recognition and shelf impact.

A professionally designed solution will enhance the perceived value of your offerings and increase your sales. We designed a brand identity that connects product recognition with the consumer using consistent graphic styles, color unification, and repetition while maintaining the product identity and Sauce Stix brand.

Additional Uses

After the initial design of the Sauce Stix brand and packaging they were looking for an additional option on ways to package their products. They needed an option that would allow for packaging their unique sauces in different amounts that the original package design would not allow. We decided a simple label design would allow for this. With a label design the sauces could be packaged using plastic wrap and could accommodate different amounts of Sauce Stix in one package. Then the label could be applied to carry the Sauce Stix brand across this additional product solution.


The final solution depends upon the design of an effective brand to reflect the company through sound design principles, strategic planning and execution of the business requirements and objectives. With the use of custom imagery and clear and simple designs we successfully designed the Sauce Stix packaging designs and brand message which resulted in a satisfied client.

Project Overview

Creation of an all new modern Brand, Logo and Packaging Design for Sauce Stix. Including creation of all graphics and designs.

Creative Strategy & Creative Consulting

  • Understand your vision and requirements
  • Create outline and workflow
  • Brainstorm ideas and solutions
  • Content review and updates

Graphic Design & Branding Design

  • Create sketches and rough designs
  • Developed the branding guidelines, color palette, type treatments
  • Design the Brand and Logo
  • Designed the creative vision into a Brand and Packaging Design Solutions


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