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Signature Surfaces – Case Study

Signature Surfaces

Project Objectives

Signature Surfaces required a complete company branding, including creation of the company logo, stationary, business cards, marketing collateral and website. The challenge was to design a complete branding and web experience that captured the distinctiveness in their projects that sets Signature Surfaces apart from the ordinary in the stone industry. We needed to built brand trust for their target audience, and create a visually appealing and interactive visual experience.

   Branding – Logo – Identity – Collateral  

Signature Surfaces specializes in custom stone design, fabrication and decorative stone work. They incorporate the latest technology for all aspects of fabrication and installation with their custom techniques for any design using natural stone (granite-marble-travertine), porcelain tile, glass tile and mosaic.


The Vision

The goal was to ensure the digital brand has a strong, positive meaning for the users and represents Signature Surfaces’ extensive knowledge, experience and quality craftsmanship in custom stone design, fabrication and decorative stone work. The website’s success depends upon a thoughtful and innovative design for the website navigation, information flow and content layout to meet the user’s expectations while fulfilling the companies business objectives. We accomplished this by creating an overall brand experience that captures the essence of Signature Surfaces and the superior quality of their custom stone work, fabrication and custom detail designs.

We worked together with the client to create a brand image and user experience for Signature Surfaces that is interactive and engaging with accurate communication of the company services throughout the website, identity and all marketing collateral.



We led a brand strategy meeting with the client to understand their vision for the new digital brand. They had a few rough ideas for the logo using the colorful tile and initial “S” from the company title and creating an emblem logo that symbolizes the company. Our solution was to incorporate elements that reflect their unique services while creating a strong image that can stand alone and be instantly recognized as the company brand. Typography plays an important role in the design since the focus is on the company name. We utilized a font that captures the essence of what the business does, combined with the brand image to successfully create the new Signature Surfaces logo image.



My Role

I worked directly with the client to understand their business, marketing goals and creative vision and applied this to the design and development of the Signature Surfaces website, company identity and marketing collateral. I utilized the new brand image and applied the design throughout all media to create a cohesive brand image and online user experience. As the Information Architect and Creative Designer I created the navigational flow and overall organization of the functional structure for the website. I was responsible for designing and implementing the visual and functional interface design for the website while integrating the newest interactive technologies available.

We needed to ensure Signature Surfaces’ distinctive and custom stone work was displayed on the website clearly and effectively to demonstrate the quality of their work and services. To ensure this all photos were processed, color corrected and touched up when needed, to ensure all the details of the creative designs came through to prospective clients.

Photo Retouching

We implemented the workflow for color correcting and photo editing of all photos to improve the quality of all high-end samples for the Signature Surfaces website. We worked with digital photography and used photo editing software to enhance images by correcting resolution and composition, cropping images and adjusting tone, color, saturation and brightness. The final results enhance the overall images for the Signature Surfaces Brand and their products.

Custom Flash Galleries

We designed and created a custom Flash Gallery to display Signature Surfaces’ extensive samples of custom stone design, fabrication and decorative stone work. We also created a Flash Gallery to display the multiple options available for types of granite, marble onyx, travertine limestone and edge design options. The galleries were design with the user in mind for an interactive experience while integrating with the website design and Signature Surfaces Brand.




Brand Collateral is the collection of media used to promote the brand and support the sales and marketing of a product or service. It’s the tangible evidence of the brand, designed congruent with the brands core values and personality. The digital brand design was carried through all the identity materials and marketing collateral and reflects their business objectives and represents the companies attributes with a suitable ‘look and feel’, consistent color, style, and visual assets. I designed and prepared all print documents for final production and printing processes.


We successfully designed a complete ecosystem of brand visuals, assets and online experience for Signature Surfaces with the creation of the brand, logo, website and collateral. The end result is a unified brand experience and web presence that is smart, approachable, and attractive to both potential clients and the general audience. All client requirements and business objectives were met within the timeline and budget.

Project Overview

Creation of an all new modern Brand, Logo and Website for Data Fusion Specialists. Including creation of all graphics and designs for the website.

Creative Strategy & Creative Consulting

  • Understand your vision and requirements
  • Create outline and workflow
  • Brainstorm ideas and solutions
  • Content review and updates

Info Architecture UI/UX Graphic & Web Design

  • Overall web site information flow & structure
  • Create sketches & wireframes
  • Developed the branding guidelines, color palette, type treatments
  • Designed the creative vision into a Brand and Identity Solution
  • Design the creative vision into graphical screen designs and all graphical interface elements

Front-End Development & WordPress Solutions

  • Develop the page layouts and design with HTML – CSS and WordPress Shortcodes
  • Test on browsers and devices
  • Client review, revisions, updates
  • Launch website


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