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Sue Ann Gonis – Case Study

Sue Ann Gonis
Executive & Leadership Coach

Project Objectives

Sue Ann Gonis specializes in coaching organizations as well as individuals on a personal and professional level. Sue Ann’s passion and expertise encompasses executive coaching, leadership and organizational development, building high-performance teams, on-boarding, career management, and individual coaching. Sue Ann also facilitates workshops on these topics and serves as a keynote speaker. Sue Ann has spent 20+ years as a corporate executive, eight of which were with two Fortune 100 technology companies to direct a corporate culture change initiative for 16,000 associates in 32 countries.


Sue Ann Gonis required a complete identity and branding including creation of the company logo, identity collateral and website. The challenge was to create a brand experience that communicated her approachability, while exhibiting Sue Ann’s trustworthy  professional process and background in executive leadership coaching, team development and career transition coaching. Sue Ann is also an expert with Individual 1-on-1 Coaching on navigating life’s personal and professional challenges.

  Branding – Website Design – Development Solutions 

Sue Ann Gonis has a reputation for having a keen sense of business while understanding what individuals need on a much deeper level to be at their best, both personally and professionally.


The Vision

The vision for Sue Ann’s new brand and website was to communicate the benefits executives, professionals and individuals can receive with her many years of experience as an executive and leadership coach. We created a visual identity that captures Sue Ann’s passion in helping you create greater fulfillment in all areas of your life and career. The overall experience for the website captures Sue Ann’s specialized approach to coaching. Implementing clear interactions with clean design elements, we created a website that aligns with the wisdom provided by Sue Ann and her individualized coaching process.

The challenge was not only how to differentiate Sue Ann from a sea of competitors, but how to convey her passion for helping others create greater fulfillment in all areas of their life and career. We focused on Sue Ann’s extensive experience as a team builder, leader and coach centered around the human aspect and professional focus of the brand.



The essential thing in branding is clarity of what is being offered, whether it is a product, service or person. Image and consistency plays a huge role in branding. We designed a brand identity that embodies the three key specialties Sue Ann offers in her coaching (TEAMS, EXECUTIVE & LEADERSHIP, and INDIVIDUALS). We experimented with typography, iconography, and underwent an extensive brand mark exploration during the creation of the Sue Ann Gonis brand. This led us to design a clean and bold approach that was centered around Sue Ann’s passion and expertise as a leader, team builder and professional coach. We also experimented with different tag-lines that represent Sue Ann and our solution created a new brand experience that captures Sue Ann’s essence as an executive & leadership coach.

The navigation is a vital component of the user experience that allows you to orient yourself with the website layout and to move around easily. We created a navigation that stands out against the clean background and organized page layouts that is easy to read and interact with. The key part of the picture when it comes to user experience is the content provided to the consumer. It was important that the content has a purpose and clearly defines Sue Ann’s business goals as a brand.


My Role

I worked with the client team to understand the overall objectives and business needs, finalize the website content and create the overall information architecture for the website. I created the digital brand and identity collateral with the design of the company logo, color palette and consistent style. This was carried throughout the website design and development in the mindful creation of the content structure, navigational flow and layout of all pages. I designed and implemented the visual and functional structure of the website with the use of WordPress CMS and creative use of HTML5 and CSS3. I was able to successfully accomplish all aspects of the new Brand and Identity for Sue Ann Gonis which has provide a return on her investment.

We also designed a detailed bio page to include Sue Ann’s Philosophy on coaching, life lessons, inspirational quotes and a detailed list of Certifications, Education, Memberships, Affiliations and Experience. In addition, the new website needed a Resources page for her clients to access forms, related articles and videos for motivation. We created custom designs for the different forms and articles where the new digital brand for was applied.



Identity Collateral

We collaborated with Sue Ann to design a visual identity and collateral across a broad spectrum of digital and traditional media. Creating a consistent style across your collateral is critical to building a brand identity that allows your customers to instantly recognize your company and distinguish it from others. We accomplished this for Sue Ann by developing a brand strategy that communicates her professional experience in a clean and simple design with a consistent color palette, flexible enough to work in both print and digital, in different sizes, and in relation to different marketing elements carried throughout her logo collateral and website.

Our goal was to communicate precisely what Sue Ann offers with the design of her new brand and website. We created a brand that reflects Sue Ann’s knowledge and experience with a consistent form and function that supports her clients needs as an individual, team, or organization. The overall experience of the website emulates Sue Ann’s modern approach to coaching and aligns with her business needs and goals. I was able to successfully accomplish all aspects of the Identity and Brand for Sue Ann Gonis which has created a engaging user experience.

Project Overview

Creation of an all new modern Brand, Logo and Website for Sue Ann Gonis. Including creation of all graphics and designs for the website.

Creative Strategy & Creative Consulting

  • Understand your vision and requirements
  • Create outline and workflow
  • Brainstorm ideas and solutions
  • Content review and updates

Info Architecture UI/UX Graphic & Web Design

  • Overall web site information flow & structure
  • Create sketches & wireframes
  • Developed the branding guidelines, color palette, type treatments
  • Designed the creative vision into a Brand and Identity Solution
  • Design the creative vision into graphical screen designs and all graphical interface elements

Front-End Development & WordPress Solutions

  • Develop the page layouts and design with HTML – CSS and WordPress Shortcodes
  • Test on browsers and devices
  • Client review, revisions, updates
  • Launch website

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