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iOS 13 – 10 Best Features

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pple iOS 13 is available now for your iPhone.

Here are its 10 best features…

From Dark Mode to amazing Maps to life-changing accessibility features, iOS 13 is Apple’s best iPhone upgrade in years.

Earlier this month, Apple introduced its 2019 iPhones. There’s the iPhone 11, which is the successor to the iPhone XR; and the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, which are Apple’s new top-of-the-line smartphones.

But while the new iPhone 11 series phones do have some incredible features older iPhones will never have, such as the fastest smartphone processors ever and the new U1 chipset, which makes locating everything from devices to people easier, Apple hasn’t forgotten about those of us who are sticking with our older gadgets.

Today, Apple is releasing iOS 13. It’s a free download for every iPhone going all the way back to 2015’s iPhone 6s. iOS 13 is packed with dozens of killer features that will make even your four-year-old iPhone feel like new (or at least newer). Here are the top 10 features of iOS 13, which you can download through your iPhone’s Software Update mechanism for free starting today.

1. Dark Mode

2. Sign in with Apple

3. New location privacy protections

4. Apple Maps is now a true Google Maps competitor

5. Siri finds a new voice

6. Reminders are much more powerful

7. Face ID gets a speed boost

8. AirPods sharing is great for couples

9. Voice Control is the accessibility feature that will change lives

10. Your notes about contacts are now private

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