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Trend Predictions 2019: From Graphic Design to Web Design

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ere are the top 2019 trends to expect in web design, audio, video, graphics design, and more—all picked by the Envato team.

Out with the old, in with the new.

Well, not quite yet—there’s still a week or two left before the fireworks go off and we all start making those beautiful, optimistic resolutions that shine as bright as a Roman candle before fizzling in the February gloom. But still, it’s a good time to look back on 2018 and peer forward into 2019 to spot some trends coming our way. So we asked our experts across the company what trends they expect to see in the coming year

Here’s what to watch out for in 2019:

Design & Illustration

Pantone recently set some new design trends in motion with its selection of Living Coral as the Pantone Color of the Year 2019. But design, of course, is about much more than colour. Over on Envato Tuts+, designer Grace Fussell took us through some other trends to watch out for in 2019, from nautical stripes to chiselled serif typefaces. Here are a couple more design trends you can expect to see next year.

#1: Brand Customization

“A strong trend I expect to see more of over the next year is brand customization and personalization. Think custom cut fonts and illustration styles all to yourself that set brands apart and elevate them above the norm.”

#2: Abstract, Colourful Patterns

“Perhaps influenced by the resurgence of 80s style, abstract and colourful patterns will be popping up in design. Think Memphis Group patterns and colour schemes.”

#3: Depth and Layers

“I see that people are playing with dimension and layering again. Different to the super flat style a while back.”

Web Design

WordPress just shook up the web design world with its launch of Gutenberg, a completely new way for people to create posts and pages on WordPress sites. Here are some of the broader changes that our experts expect as a result of that change, along with some other exciting new trends and technologies now coming to the fore.

#4: The Rise of the Page Builders

“I think we’ll see even more minimal/clean SVG types and performance-focused themes which utilise Gutenberg. Modern development techniques like WP Rig and Mythic will definitely help in theme development, which is getting more and more complicated nowadays.”

#5: New Features, New Layout Boundaries

“Competition in the design application space has never been fiercer! Sketch, Adobe XD, Figma, Invision Studio and others are all upping their game and smashing out features to make UI and UX design better.”

#6: Voice Assistants

“The use of voice assistants will continue to increase in 2019. They will remain a predominantly non-visual medium, so finding the right balance between visual cues and providing context and direction with words in the user interface will be crucial.”


In the video world, too, a big player made a major move in 2018. This time it was Adobe, with its launch of a brand new editing app called Adobe Rush. See what our experts see on the horizon in 2019.

#7: Rush, Particle Animation, and More

“Adobe has a new NLE on the scene, Rush, which works with Premiere templates: a boon for video makers who don’t need a full-fledged production suite. Particle animation, enabled by ever-more-powerful graphics cards, will trickle down to all kinds of video projects and programs. Instagram-esque presets and quick-changing picture styles will remain popular, too.”

#8: A Plethora of New Templates

“Adobe’s development of the Essential Graphics panel and Motion Graphics Template format has forever altered the video industry. Users of the once graphics-stunted Premiere Pro have been given a brand new arsenal, allowing Premiere editors to add robust, professional animated graphics into their video projects with just a few clicks.”


What will people be listening to in 2019? We can’t predict the chart-topping albums, the breakout acts or the celebrity feuds coming our way next year, but we do know a thing or two about stock audio. Here’s what to expect.

#9: Upbeat, Energetic Audio

“2019 is looking like another exciting year ahead, where upbeat and energetic vibes will dominate stock audio demand. Regardless of styles, from epic to inspirational, tracks that convey confidence and healthy energy will always be go-to winners, especially those with subtle but memorable leads, making room for great stories and narratives to happen.”


The launch of WordPress Gutenberg will affect more than just web design. There’s a whole ecosystem of plugins and extensions that can now take advantage of WordPress’s new capabilities. Read on to find out how that will play out in 2019.

#10: An Explosion of Block Plugins

“In 2019, I predict we’ll see an explosion of Block Plugins for the new WordPress Editor (Gutenberg). We should see phase two of the Gutenberg project moving on from the editor to improve other areas of WordPress (like widgets and menus). I also predict that page builders like Elementor will continue to improve at an amazing pace and the eco-system around them (templates, add-ons, etc.) will continue to grow as well!”


Expect 2019 to usher in a new aesthetic in photography. Some of the most popular trends have now run their course, and we could be all set for a year in which the photos we use more accurately reflect the real world around us.

#11: Ditch the Special Effects

“For 2019, the current demand for authenticity is expected to maintain its growth. The heavy vignetting, retro filtering, desaturation and added lens flares/effects will start looking old (and not in the way it was intended). This is a great opportunity to embrace diversity and inclusion, while producing natural-looking, credible images that customers can actually relate to.”

Another photography trend to watch out for is drone photography, as the technology keeps evolving and becoming more accessible every year. Drone shots are now widely used in movies and advertisements, as well as on YouTube and social media. This fresh perspective on life should retain a strong presence for years to come.


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